Panama Brisa #4

Panama Brisa #4

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Our Boutique Imports by Avenel are beautifully handcrafted in Ecuador by talented craftspeople.  The Panama hat is the finest straw hat in the world.  Handwoven in Ecuador from Toquilla straw, they are true wearable works of art.

The Ecuadorian towns of Montecristi and Cuenca are where most Panama hats are made.  They are created by craftspeople whose skills have been refined and handed down for generations.  Making the hat is, for these two towns, a calling and a way of life.

The thickness of the straw, the tightness of the weave, and of course the skill of the weaver determines the grade, hence the price of the finished product.

An Ecuadorian Panama hat is the finest choice in headwear.

Colours: Natural, Bleach.

Image is in bleach colour.

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